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Our Story

For us, food is a culture. Holidays, weekends and just short pop-in visits have always been heavily food centered- food, food, food. Mom’s speciality is always cooking up the most delicious dishes with the freshest ingredients and mouth watering aromas  that float through the house . With her five children and twelve grandchildren, each and every one can be sure that when visiting, they will be greeted with their favorite treat.

In the 90’s Dad was diagnosed with Diabetes and in return some lifestyle changes were in order.  Like a good wife and mother, Mom went straight into her kitchen. Her passion for cooking, great attention to taste and unlimited love for her family drove her to create the most succulent and health conscious dishes one has ever tasted.


One day she had a stroke of genius and developed her most popular recipe ever. The Green Goddess salad dressing. BINGO! When she served that dressing at the next holiday dinner, we were all licking our plates! It was such a hit that back into her kitchen she went, creating a whole line of absolutely incredible tasting and healthy dressings.

No one was able to believe that this stuff is actually good for you! No sugar, low carbohydrates, low sodium, gluten free, all fresh ingredients, it was like she was running an advertisement for a health food product. And then it hit us! Why not create a line of dressings to share with the world that is actually good for them?

These dressings have transformed our family from candy and chip lovers to one of salads and carrot sticks! It made healthy eating easy and delicious for the whole family. 

Our mission as a family owned business is to give your family the gift of delicious wholesome eating that is so extraordinarily full of flavour, that you will never look at salad dressings the same way again.

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